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Children's Corner

Children's Corner
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With amazement, you watch your child grow and change right before your eyes.  And before you know it, the days and months turn into years.  Copyright 2003 Lisa Kammerman. Unauthorized copying is prohibited.

Here's your opportunity to capture those special, fleeting moments in your child's life.

Many possibilities are available to capture those moments you dream of.  Here are some; together we can create others.

All my portraiture is on-location, in an environment that your child finds comfortable and familiar.  Perhaps your home, garden, or lake.

Special Needs photography is dedicated to children with differences.  I enjoy spending time with children with special needs, and capturing their joy and spirit.

KidCandids TM allows you to share your child's day at preschool or daycare -- without being there!!

Do you ever wish you could simply enjoy your child's birthday party  and have someone else create lasting photographic memories?  I can help make that happen for you.


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