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for Preschool and Daycare Programs

What I love most of all is capturing the joy of children in their natural environment.  Unlike studios that set-up a temporary portrait studio at your facility, I spend time in each classroom and on the playground where I photograph children in their daily routines playing, learning, creating, dancing, whatever may be occurring.  As a result, the number of images I take per child is variable not fixed.  Because children are not posed, they are allowed to be themselves.

Parents appreciate memories of their children "at school", especially when working parents may not have the ability to visit their children during the day.

Parents respond to the moments and emotions I capture for them:

  • "These are the best photographs ever taken of my child"
  • "Your photographs are so much better than our school photographer's"

I return to your center about 2 weeks following portrait day when I personally meet with each family and display the images that I have created of their children.  Families place their orders at that time. 

Please contact me for information on how this program can work at your school.


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